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The impact of current staffing levels and resource challenges has resulted in a need to more efficiently manage programs and free staff to spend more time with participants.

The RC App...

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RC App

Developing and maintaining a life long love of reading is acknowledged as being fundamental to the development of literacy skills, academic performance, social interaction and workplace competencies. And more specifically, participation in a summer reading club helps to minimize the impact of “summer slide.”

The RC App has undergone three years of development, refinement and real-world use; it is a proven, comprehensive solution designed to meet a wide variety of implementation strategies.

The RC App is a flexible online solution for the management of traditional public library summer reading clubs, as well as other reading programs throughout the rest of the year. It consists of both a customizable registration interface to streamline the labor intensive sign-up process, as well as a customizable participant tracking component for logging reading and other activities to enhance the user experience.

How does the Registration/Authentication component work?

Libraries are free to choose several methods as to how they would like to authenticate and register reading club participants. This can be through a virtual account setup with an existing email address, and/or linking of a library card with existing ILS data and/or in-person sign-up at the library.

The RC App also has the functionality to register multiple participants under one caregiver (e.g. teacher, parent, daycare, etc.)


What Activity is tracked for Reading Club participants?

Libraries can track any number of reading activities including, # of books read, titles read (linked to Google Books/Goodreads), minutes read, pages read, library visits, prizes/achievements, reading goals, and book reviews.

activity tracking

Within the RC App, libraries have complete control over the look and feel of their online reading clubs within their own website.

Each reading club can be configured to contain a unique set of graphics and/or themes within the RC App. Libraries are free to use whatever local, state, or national summer reading program graphics, badges, and themes that they have appropriate access to. These include I-Read, CSLP, TD Summer Reading, etc.

The RC App is priced as an ongoing annual subscription. The annual subscription allows for the creation and configuration of an unlimited amount of reading clubs throughout the year, and includes on-demand support.

Note: State/Provincial/consortial/group pricing also available.

In the Spring of 2013, two public libraries (Hamilton & Markham) approached Counting Opinions to develop a new online management solution around summer reading. One had been using a manual system, while the other had tried to build their own internal solution which ended up being unpopular with staff and ultimately unsuccessful. Following a continuous development improvement strategy, field trials, and full implementations with small, medium, and large-sized public libraries and States, the RC App is robust, flexible, scalable, field-proven and ready to support your library reading club programs.


Facing constant competitive challenges, libraries and library organizations need better tools to understand and manage customer needs and to compete more effectively for scarce resources. In business since 2004, we have offered evidence-based management solutions for the comprehensive management of library performance and customer satisfaction data. Solutions include: custom surveys, open-ended customer feedback, trends, reading club management, benchmarking, outcomes, and peer comparisons. For more information, visit

Very early on in development we realized that no two libraries approached their summer reading program in the same way and any solution needed to be flexible and customizable. The RC App has been designed so that almost all aspects of the management of summer reading can be customized to a library’s particular needs.

Yes! The RC App is ILS neutral and can draw data from the ILS to populate fields in the registration form.

Yes! The RC App can be accessed from all browsers and any smartphone/tablet device with a commercially supported mobile browser (e.g., Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

The RC App is a hosted, web-based application (Web App); unlike traditional programs or mobile device-based apps, no downloading is required.

Counting Opinions conducts several webinar demos.

For an individual webinar demo for your library or to register for one of our group sessions, please contact us directly

Very. As with many things in the library world, local libraries have many different takes on how they want to implement a program – reading programs are no exception. The RC App has been designed to offer optimal functionality in this regard while simultaneously providing libraries with the ability to assess and morph how they might want to adjust future implementations.

No. You can employ the RC App for as many reading programs and/or book clubs as you wish e.g., teen, adult, winter, etc.

Yes. CO believes that this is an area that offers libraries great potential for demonstrating value with community stakeholders e.g., schools, funders.

Yes. During development, this was one area that libraries repeatedly told us they wanted a solution for. As such, the RC App includes a very robust prize management functionality for both virtual and physical prizes.

Yes. You can use other input devices to capture information in the RC App. Input devices such as bar code, RFID, chip and magnetic-strip readers can be used in conjunction with the RC App. When these readers are connected properly to a device such as a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, information captured through the device (e.g., Library Card No.) is input automatically in the RC Registration Form or Login dialog. We do recommend thorough testing before going live to confirm the correct behavior of the device and information captured.

Please contact to discuss using an alternative input device.